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13th English Competition for Catalan Schools


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Catalan Inter-School English competition

Given the situation caused by COVID-19, we regret to inform you that the calendar for the FONIX 2020 competition has been altered and the event is postponed for the time being.

When we have further news, we will let you know. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!

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THE FONIX, is a school competition for public speaking in English, designed to encourage primary, secondary and sixth form students to learn the language in order to use it. Participation in the competition is exclusively through the school where the student is matriculated, and is completely free.

The "Have your say" programme

As from this edition, Fonix has been devised as a strategy towards accomplishing the Department of Education’s objective of significantly improving Catalan students’ ability to speak in public using a foreign language. As such, it will be included in the whole package of acts and initiatives which the Department will launch within the framework of the new "Have your say" programme. This programme is intended to enable students to develop their communicative and linguistic skills, including emotional and personal skills, in order to be able to carry out cognitively demanding tasks which require a critical spirit and an ability to argue, negotiate and explain information to others.


The competition revolves around the goals set by the UNESCO 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, equity, solidarity and social cohesion. Thus, participating students will have to carry out a variety of communicative tasks on topics of ecological or socio-cultural interest (such as questions of sustainability and equity proposed by UNESCO, the UN and the European Union).


For guidance and rubric, click here.









Competition rules

The rules of the competition are available here and can also be downloaded in pdf format

[Catalan only].


The competition has an innovative format, organised in two phases, and incorporating the following aspects:

1. Public speaking in English.

2. The development of critical and reflective thinking.

3. Problem solving and the search for creative solutions.

4. The use of digital environments and transmedia communication.

5. Working with values related to ethical questions set by UNESCO 2030 for sustainable development, equity, solidarity and social cohesion.

Download the competition poster


Public, private and state-subsidised schools in Catalonia that offer teaching at the levelsand stages organised in the following categories:

1st CATEGORY: 5th and 6th year primary students

2nd CATEGORY: 1st and 2nd year ESO students

3rd CATEGORY: 3rd and 4th year ESO students

4th CATEGORY: 1st and 2nd year Baccalaureate students

Various teams of students from the same school can compete at every category, from the same course or from mixed stages. Each team must comprise a minimum of two students and a maximum of three. The school will choose, and present to the organisers one team as finalists, their work must then be uploaded onto the competition website for each category in which the school is participating.


We would encourage you to participate in this new project. There are prizes for you too!


The competition will consist of two stages of participation:

1. Initial stage

In each educational centre

The teams will create, with the help of a teacher, a mini project of up to two minutes, in the form of a video presentation in English, related to the topics proposed in the rubric and instructions.

The centre will choose one team in each category in which it is participating, and will send the projects, identified by school and level, in AVI or MP4 video format, via Wetransfer or Dropbox to the address info@the-fonix.org

We will publish the projects on the competition’s YouTube channel, grouped in lists by stage. If the videos contain other people’s music or images, these must be free of copyright restrictions, in order to avoid their being taken down by YouTube administrators during the voting period.

Voting by the public on YouTube (15% of the total) + voting by the organising committee(85% of the total).

2. Final stage

At a location to be determined (on a Saturday)

The finalists with all the team members, chosen by the organisation will be called to present their projects in public and in person.

A jury constituted by the organisers will make the final evaluation and the choice of winners.

Diplomas and prizes will be handed out on the same day.

More information

For pedagogical matters:

Darienne Walker

For organisational matters:

Miquel Puig

For any information or problems of communication and inscription, contact via: info@the-fonix.org


6 november 2019 - 10 february 2020
Online inscriptions
To be effected by a member of the teaching staff of the educational centre on the competition website.
Once the inscription has been completed, the subjects with the rubric and corresponding instructions, depending on the stage, can be found on the intranet as well as on this website.

25 January- 15 March 2020
Unextendable period for submission to the organisers of projects chosen by the schools to be posted on the YouTube channel.

1 April -16 April 2020
Opening of the YouTube channel to popular vote
. It will only be possible to vote once per video, each voter accessing via their own user account on the channel. Only positive votes will count towards the final score.

End of April or beginning of May 2020
Notification of projects chosen for the Grand Final on the competition website.

A Saturday at the end of May 2020
Presentation to the jury in the morning, then the Grand Final and presentation of prizes

Prizes for the students


The prizes for the students of the winning teams in the final phase will be:

1st Prizess

For members of teams of 5th of Primary and 2nd of ESO
Two weeks at an English summer camp

For members of teams of 3rd of ESO to 2nd of Baccalaureate
2 weeks in an English-speaking country

2nd Prizess

For members of teams of 5th of Primary to 2nd of Baccalaureate
One weekend at a summer camp (for the winner and two companions) + one extensive online English course + one pack of school materials

3rd Prizes

For members of teams of 5th level of Primary to 2nd of Baccalaureate
One weekend in a summer camp (for the winner and two companions) + one pack of school materials

And for the teachers...

The prizes for teachers of groups of students called to the final stage:

1st Prizess

One weekend in a summer camp (for the teacher and two companions)

2nd Prizes

One course of English language methodology + one pack of school materials

3rd Prizes

Invitations with places reserved for training activities in English language teaching organised by the Department of Education + one pack of school materials


Who are the Fonix?

Did you know that THE FONIX are characters of the grid of phonemes of the English language?